About Us

Our Company

Stevens Electrical Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures specification grade, recessed, surface mount and low profile linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent and incandescent fixtures that are used in residential, retail, commercial, industrial, institutional, hotel, hospital, school, and municipal and government installations. We have wide offering of fixtures as well as a complete team of engineers and lighting designers to guide you in making your lighting needs a reality. We specialize in designing and manufacturing lighting products to our customer’s exact needs and specifications.

Our Commitment

Stevens Electrical Manufacturing, Inc. is committed and dedicated to each customer we serve. From purchasing our component products to designing and manufacturing the products you require, we guide you throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our highly sought-after engineering and lighting design teams work with you and your company to provide you with the knowledge and experience you deserve, making the entire design, manufacturing and purchasing process as smooth and efficient as possible. Our trained quality control personnel inspect and qualify every component throughout the manufacturing process, giving you the products that will surpass your highest standard and expectations.


Stevens Electrical Manufacturing, Inc. will provide you and your company with the finest lighting products available today at the lowest possible cost. We also pride ourselves in providing the best customer service that is available in our industry.

Quality Control:

Manufacturing quality lighting products that meet your highest standards is our top priority. We have a dedicated staff that strictly enforces quality control. As we assist you in designing the lighting products that you require, we will also provide you with sample products for you to review and approve pre-production. You maintain complete control to meet your exact needs and specifications during the design, production and manufacturing process.