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Raptor Lighting Logo Stevens Electrical Manufacturing, Inc manufactures a complete line of incandescent, linear fluorescent and compact fluorescent, light fixtures along with LED and other energy efficient lighting products.

Our convention lighting offering along with our LED and energy saving products are commonly used in many applications in almost every lighting category there is today.

We can provide you with our most commonly purchased lighting products or we can value engineer lighting products to meet your exact needs and specifications saving you a substantial amount of money while maintaining the highest quality.

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EMT, IMC, Rigid, Aluminum, PVC, Ridge Coated PVC Steel Flexible Conduit Seal Tight Seal Tight Fittings

Boxes 1900, 8B, 11B, Masonry, Gem, Handy, Extension Rings Dry Wall Rings and Cover Plates

Junction and Pull Boxes
Nema Type 1, 3, 3R Hinged and Lift Off

Conduit Straps, Clamps, Hanger, Nail Plate
EMT one and two hole strap Rigid one and two hole strap MC Cable and Fittings Unistrut slotted and solid 7/8” 1-5/8” Spring Nuts Knockout Seals Conduit Hanger, Beam Clamps, Minnies Reducing Washer, Reducing Bushings, Locknuts
Conduit Bushing
Plastic Insulating Bushing Metallic Bushing Grounding Bushing

Conduit Elbow
EMT Elbow IMC Elbow Rigid Elbow PVC Elbow Aluminum Elbow

Conduit Coupling & Nipple
Rigid & IMC Couplings Conduit Nipple, Close Nipple, Chase Nipple

Conduit Whip & Grounding Pigtail
Two and Three Wire Whips Grounding Pigtails Ground Rods, Ground Clamps, Ground Straps Steel Chain and Rope

Conduit Fittings
Zinc Die Cast, Steel, Stainless Steel, Malleable Iron and PVC

Conduit Bodies
Zinc Die Cast, Aluminum, PVC Malleable Iron


We have a complete team of engineers and lighting designers on-staff to guide you in making your lighting requirements a reality, saving you both time and money while meeting your exact lighting needs.

We provide OEM and ODM as well as private labeling lighting products for our customers with your company name and part number on each box and carton.